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How Long? (B​-​side Music Saves)


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released April 25, 2016



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MATTHEW BATTLE Bogota, Colombia

I am a multi-instrumentalist who writes, performs, records, and produces music at home. I was born and raised in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, UK, and currently live and work in Bogota, Colombia.

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Track Name: How Long?
I hold our planet dear,
But how many years will it be ‘til we live out in space?
A lonely time of year,
The Smiths and the Joneses packed up and they left for the black

How long?

Beyond the atmosphere,
The cat, and the dog and the gerbil have all headed north,
All float around up there,
The satellite beam is the one thing that keeps us on course

How long?

Catch a star,
Now I’m your rocket man,
Come around we’ll take a trip too far

Take those planets there,
Mercury, Venus and Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn,
Beyond the milky way,
One thousand, one hundred twenty space light years away

How long?

Catch a star,
Now I’m your rocket man,
Come around we’ll take a trip too far,
Plot a chart,
And track your astronauts,
Leave the ground we’ll take a trip too far
Track Name: Music Saves
Feeling tired in the rain,
People never seem the same,
There are people on the street,
There’s no one that you’d like to meet

Feeling tired in the rain,
Now everybody looks the same,
But light is falling on the street,
From the moon overlooking you

Feeling lonely in the park,
It’s a Little after dark,
Your parents are in the house,
And they don’t know anything about you

You’re alone in the park,
Smoking dope in the park,
And your parents are at home,
They don’t know anything about you

Now you’re in the supermarket,
There are people all around you,
And you don’t know what to do about it,
You’re alone in the supermarket

Out on your street today,
(On your street today),
You saw a clown in a police uniform,
And you didn’t know what to say,
So you just said—

Now you’re alone in the car,
And you’re driving nowhere,
You’re alone at school,
Your life is going nowhere

But you like this band,
You saw them last Friday night in town,
You don’t remember what their name was,
But you keep going around singing their song,

Now you’re in the bed alone,
And you’re frightened of the dark,
Turn on your radio,
There’s a band on there playing this song,